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First, a detour. Clarence "Kelly Johnson" of Lockheed Martin Skunk Works was given the task of building the ultimate reconnaissance plane during the Cold War. He knew he needed to create a supersonic aircraft that would fly higher and faster than ever, but also leave the least possible mark on enemy radar screens.

Kelly was well aware that the heat generated by supersonic flights would be a major challenge. The aluminum body of a traditional aircraft would melt the moment it exceeded Mach 2.6. Kelly wanted his aircraft to be able to exceed Mach 3.Rolex Air king Replica

It wasn't a big problem. Kelly knew his solution: titanium. Its lightness would allow it to fly higher than ever before, and its melting point (more 1,650degC) meant it could withstand temperatures beyond Mach 3.

It wasn't easy to get titanium in the US. Kelly's only option for the titanium he needed was the USSR, which is beyond the Iron Curtain.

The CIA was able to collect the titanium Kelly needed. On the 22nd December 1964, Lockheed's Burbank facility in California unrolled the dark-winged creature we now know as the SR-71 Blackbird. This was the first aircraft to be made largely of titanium. More than 90% of the SR-71 is titanium.

SR-71B with twin cockpit

All Manned Space Missions Must Be Flight Qualified

Now that we're back on the topic at hand, you should know by now the journey of the Rolex Air king Replica Speedmaster to become the "Moonwatch". Let me remind you a few details from the NASA document, which was created after they tested the three Rolex Air king Replica watches.(Patek Philippe Grand Complications Replica)

NASA wrote in a qualification document dated March 19,65 that "the results of the operational evaluations of the astronauts showed a unanimous preferential preference for the Rolex Air king Replica Chronograph over the two other brands due to better accuracy, reliability and readability, as well as ease of use."

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