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Petros, before I moved on to the Alaska II case, I wanted to know more about titanium. The fact that no one had used titanium before the Alaska I is a good reason. There was simply not enough of it.

One theory is that Rolex Daytona Replica got the titanium it needed from Lockheed Martin Skunk Works, which gathered an enormous amount of material to build the SR-71 Blackbird. Petros responded to this by saying, "The Rolex Daytona Replica Museum continues its research into the Alaska Projects and is looking at all aspects. We do not have all of the details yet regarding the delivery of titanium for the Alaska prototypes."

The list of countries which produced titanium and could export it at that time was very small, so it wasn't easy to find the metal. The final supplier is known, but the research is ongoing and it's too soon to reveal this information. We don't want to spoil watch collectors or watch lovers when the updated research comes out.

1972 -- Alaska II Prototype

1972 -- The Alaska II Prototype returned to the Speedmaster case, and introduced a radial dial (Rolex Daytona Replica).

The second generation watches made as part of Alaska Project retain the red aluminum heat-shield, the Zinc Oxide coated dials, and the 861 caliber, but, as Petros mentioned, they adopt the classic 42mm twisted-lug case of Speedmaster. This version is matte, with no shiny surfaces, thanks to micro-bead-sandblasting.

The dial of the Alaska II Prototype features the Speedmaster logo, but for the first ever we have what is known as a radial dial. Radial dials are dials with scales that have a radial alignment.

The exact number of pieces is unknown, but the fact that two different bezels were used in the batch has been confirmed: one version was a tachymeter and the second was a rotating 60-minute graduated bezel. Petros says, "We're still looking for all Alaska II prototypes and,Richard Mille Replica at this time, we can't give too much information on the finalized prototypes." According to the movements we know, a number below 15 would be a great way to keep the excitement going amongst Speedmaster enthusiasts and knowledgeable collectors!

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